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Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea

By L.M. Montgomery
August, 2019

This is a touching, funny and tear-jerking story of a red-haired, freckled faced, eleven years old orphan girl named Anne Shirley. (although she’d rather be called princess Cordelia!). Anne is delivered to the Cuthbert aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla who were intending to get an orphan boy to help with their farm at green gables. But words got lost in translation and Anne is mistakenly delivered instead.

Matthew who was set to bring the orphan from the train station is immediately conquered by the little girl’s loquaciousness , scope for imagination, love for romance, beauty and nature, and her affinity for using big large words. Once home, and after many debates whether to send her back to the orphanage, Anne finally gets to stay in green gables and she couldn’t be happier about it as she already had gratefully set her heart to stay (plus she had renamed all the beautiful glorious places between the station and green gables with more… suitable names.)

Although sometimes she’s a real trial to Marilla, both brother and sister soon grow fond of her, and the Cuthbert house -usually calm and monotonous- is filled with many adventures from Anne’s clumsiness, odd capacity of getting into trouble and making many funny mistakes. The school gets the same treatment from her with a fierce rivalry with a school mate (it was a question of honor!).

Anne’s character is a very touching one. Even though, she makes many mistakes she quickly recovers as everything gets better in the morning. A new day, fresh and so full of possibilities, with no mistakes in it. Anne’s capacity of living in the moment, of loving life and finding happiness and adventure no matter where she goes, are some of the many things from which we could all use a lesson.

That first book was a lovely delightful read.

The second book “Anne of Avonlea” follows Anne’s adventures over the next five years where she embraces the carrer of a young school teacher. Her studies are becoming even more important for her as she values the worth of education, her old rivalry with an old schoolmate has turned into a good friendship - that I suspect might turn into a sweet romance *__*

We discover a mature version of Anne who, without loosing her vivid imagination and vibrant spirit, is more grounded. There are also new characters and -mostly children and some are just too cute and attaching.

You can’t help but fall in love with the book and the main characters. It’s a heart-warming story, a very comforting one, and an enchanting novel with great insights into human nature. It’s also beautifully written, dialogue and narration flow making reading so effortless with vivid scenes and strong emotions.

I would recommend this book to every sensitive romantic soul out there. And especially for little girls, that would learn a great from Anne’s personality and it would definitely serve as an inspiring read. There are many adaptations of the books, movies and animes, and the recent one - Anne with an “e” : the tv show on Netlfix- is a very good one. Although it’s got a much darker interpretation of the story, with much more drama and many modern issues. I would recommend to read the book before watching any.


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